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Sanad Collective About - Sanad Collective

Vision: A community reflecting and sharing the beauty of God and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in action, word, and spirit.

Mission: to help people develop their spirituality, connect to the Divine, and take the Path to peace and prosperity shown to us by His Final Prophet ﷺ.

Our name

Sanad has two meanings in Arabic:  support & link

Sanad Collective offers support that you can lean on as you walk the Path towards spiritual fulfillment. It’s not easy to keep steady on the spiritual path, in part due to our disconnection from sources of support who can offer guidance as well as hold us up during dips in the path. Sanad Collective’s Chaplains, Teachers and Elders are here to offer support in a caring, non-judgmental way.


Sanad Collective is a link that connects you to a rich legacy of wisdom and knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation through a ‘sanad’ – a chain of wisdom-teaching that goes all the way back to the Prophet ﷺ, the Final Transmitter of the Divinely-given guidance of all Prophets.

All our teachers have this ‘sanad.’ You can have it too.




Sanad Collective was established in 2012 in order to revive the Prophetic way of spreading peace, through three interrelated pillars of activity:

Seeking wisdom      Nurturing the soul     Sharing compassion

These three pillars come directly from the Prophetic tradition of transformative education. The Prophet ﷺ did more than just transmit information in a classroom sense. He ﷺ imparted wisdom; nurtured the soul to transcend the ego; and empowered his Companions to share compassion with others.

If we are to walk the Path to God in a way that leads to balance and harmony, transforming our own lives and the very world around us, we must engage in all three of these Prophetic pillars of action.

In 2015, in order to better direct our efforts, Sanad Collective established the Rhoda Institute for Islamic Spiritual Sciences specifically to fulfil the first two pillars of activity: seeking wisdom and nurturing the soul.

Alongside the Rhoda, Sanad Collective established the Lotus Community Corner as an outpost of compassion. Please read more about the Rhoda and Lotus at their respective pages.