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The Etiquettes of Class

The following are the suggested etiquettes and mannerism that we should strive to implement when in a class with a teacher. If you are a regular student to any class of sacred knowledge, these should be practice to one's utmost ability. May Allah grant us the ability to embody these inwardly and outwardly. • Remember to clear your heart from any un

Harvest of Light

Harvest of Light

Join us Saturday, January 25th at The Rawḍah for our monthly Gathering of Remembrance. The event begins at 6:00 PM and a talk by Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa will be given. Feel free to invite your family and friends. Food will be served in a potluck fashion.

The Prophet’s ﷺ Blessed Saliva

The following are notes taken from the Sidi Hamdi Ben Aissa's class on Our Master Muḥammad ﷺ held every Friday at the Islam Care Centre (312 Lisgar st.) Click here for more information. The following prophetic tradition narrates the story of a young boy with a speech impediment who struggled to pronounce even his own name. It is apparent through th

The concept of enlightenment?

If we are to conceive of enlightenment in Islam, we need to reflect about the meaning of iḥsān (excellence). The following is a collection of works and lectures on the subject. Imām An-Nawawī, by far one of the greatest scholars of Aḥl al-Sunnāh wa-l Jama', compiled, what he thought to be forty prophetic traditions deemed essential to the foundatio

Imām al-Haddād on the Prophet’s ﷺ Succession

The following is an excerpt from the biography of Imām Abdullāh ibn 'Alawi al-Haddād written by Moṣṭafa al-Badawī. Another subject that is so emotionally charged no leading scholar ever escapes being questioned about it is that of the Prophet's ﷺ succession. This was the cause of the splitting of the Muslims early in their history into a sunni majo

The Touch of our Master ﷺ

The one who calls themselves a Muslim should long to be a companion of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. This is the foundation of bearing witness that he ﷺ is the final Messenger of Allah. The final chapter of Imām Tirmidhī's Portrait of the Prophet ﷺ deals with his ﷺ vision. The following is one of the traditions cited by Imām Tirmidhī. Yazīd al-Fārisi b

The Refreshment of the Eye – Qurrat al -‘ayn

The Refreshment of the Eye – Qurrat al -‘ayn

Excerpt from Sharḥ al-Ḥikam al-'Atā'allāh He ('Ibn 'Atā'allāh) said (May God be pleased with him!): When he was asked with regard to the Prophet's words, "And my eye's refreshment has been made to be in ritual prayer," whether that was particular to the Prophet or whether anyone else had a share or part in it, he answered: In truth, the eye's refre

Rābi’a al-‘Adawiyya: Knowing The Lover of God

Rābi’a al-‘Adawiyya: Knowing The Lover of God

Excerpt from Abū 'Abd ar-Raḥmān ās-Sulamī's Dhikr an-niswa al-muta 'abbidāt aṣ ṣūfiyyāt Rābi'a was from Basra and was a client (mawlāt) of the clan of Āl 'Atīk. Sufyān ath-Thawrī (May God have mercy upon him) sought her advice on legal matters and referred such issues to her. He also sought her spiritual advice and supplications. Both ath-Thawrī an

Hymn On Mohammed ﷺ In The Cave

Hymn On Mohammed ﷺ In The Cave (Sung by Jason Labrecque) by Amherst D. Tyssen The Prophet with one faithful friend In the dark cavern stood, A thousand foemen scouring round, All thirsting for his blood. "Alas, my master," spake the liege, "Our term of life is sped; I hear the murd'rous bands approach, Intent to strike us dead." "Be not distressed!