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Sanad Collective Boston: Searching for solace - Sanad Collective

Boston: Searching for solace

When I heard of the horrific events in Boston this week, a rush of emotions came over me: shock, disbelief, and overwhelmingly – sorrow. I searched for answers in reports and images of the blasts, the carnage, the panic, the heroism, and the tears. But really, I only came away with painful questions that tugged at my core.

Who would do such a thing?
Why would they do this?

It seemed I wasn’t alone in this questioning.


In times when bonds of humanity are shattered so violently – like they were this week, like they were in the school in Newtown, and like they were in theater in Aurora – we grasp so desperately for explanations.


We look for lines to be drawn to separate ‘us’ from ‘their’ acts of monstrosity.
We look for justice.
We look for closure.

As a human being, as a citizen, and as a Muslim – all identities that I embrace fully – I look for those very same things. Regardless of our different backgrounds, we see these terrible acts through a common lens.
It is unfathomable to defend such terrible acts, and it is reprehensible to try to.
It is also unfair for me to apologize for something that neither the values of my humanity, my nation, nor my faith (Islam) condone.
It is a human duty that we look for answers as to why this happened. We need to look for answers in the right places, and in an analytical and responsible way. We need to resist resorting to convenient narratives that only breed deeper fear and mistrust, instead of greater safety and understanding. Only then will we have any hope of preventing this from ever happening again.

To that, I put my faith in God to guide our competent and capable women and men in the justice system to follow due process and bring forward answers that will help us understand. I look to them to hold the people responsible for these heinous acts to the full extent of the law. Lastly, I trust in God to bring solace to our broken hearts and restore our faith in humanity.