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No peace no justice (Part 4)

BismillahFeeling objection to oppression, indignation at injustice and repulsion for wrongdoing (feelings referred to as 'ghadhab' in the Prophetic Teachings and often wrongly translated as 'anger'), is a power from God. It is a fire.If this fire comes and you do not invest it properly, it will burn you. To invest it, you must control it and put it

No peace no justice (Part 2)

BismillahThe truly oppressed is he who allows himself to believe that he is oppressed. He believes that other human beings have the ultimate control over his circumstances, have power over him and are able to give him the justice he seeks or withhold it. Such a person will be reacting to the action of injustice like a ping pong ball thrown at the w

No peace no justice

BismillahMuslims have sadly become a people who are focused on the idea of justice, and justice above all. Our actions and concerns are governed by the mentality: no justice, no peace. Thus, we have become known to the world as fighters for our rights, demanding justice from all those who would oppress us or challenge our way of life.Is this how we