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Part III

What is True Guidance? Here, I would like to reflect on very important Verses of Quran, on the subject of being rightly guided. These are not Verses known by or quoted by the extremist groups, since they don’t delve very much into Quran itself for guidance. But extremists claim to be rightly-guided, while they claim the rest of us are not. Let us s

Part II

Part II

What puts a person on the path of misguidance? I have worked with many young men who were on the path of extremism, violence and hatred. The ones I worked with were those who had already begun to wake up and came to realize that they were on a completely misguided, unholy path. I asked them afterwards what put them on such a path to begin with. One

Against Extremism: Reviving the Abrahamic Call

BismIllahirRahmanirRaheem Text from Shaykh Hamdi's Talk at Interfaith Gathering in Montreal, November 16, 2015 PART I | PART II | PART III First I would like to say very clearly: what we saw in Paris is not an issue of religious extremism. We believe, according to the teaching of the Prophet ﷺ, that these people, Daesh, are the hounds of hell, and


In Arabic, one of the names of the Day of Arafah is “Yowm al Waqfah” because the verb waqafa in Arabic means 'to stand' and this is what the pilgrims do on this day - they stand on the mountain and the plains of Arafaat, making supplication to their Lord and repenting for a lifetime of mistakes and sins. But the other meaning of waqafa is 'to stop.

Spirituality in the time of Facebook

BismIllah irRahman irRaheem The Path to Allah, also known as Sufism or Tasawwuf, is the path of the heart towards its Lord. It is bringing the heart into alignment with the spirit – the soul – which is pure in its state and longs for union with its Creator. Today, Sufism has come to be understood in a very superficial way. People believe they are ‘

Living with the Quran

Living with the Quran

O our Lord, make the Quran the springtime of our hearts! Are you ready to welcome Spring? Sanad Collective is hosting its 3rd annual Sisters Spiritual Retreat, ‘Living with the Quran.’ This is an opportunity to retreat from the busy-ness and distractions of the city, and immerse yourself in the Signs of God. Connect with the Word of your nurturing

Another chance…

Last night close to midnight, as we sat evaluating the entries in the Children's and Youth Categories of the Letters to the Beloved ﷺ Writing Competition, a steady flow of submissions in the Adult Category started coming through. Some even arrived early this morning with a plea that they still be entered. So, we have decided to extend the due date

Pure and simple

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It's been such a blessing reading your submissions to the Letters to the Belovedﷺ Writing Competition, as well as receiving your support. Over the past two weeks, we've given four workshops, two at schools and two for the general community. In each workshop, we have been moved to see the love that resides in the hearts of

Harvest of Light

Harvest of Light

Join us Saturday, January 25th at The Rawḍah for our monthly Gathering of Remembrance. The event begins at 6:00 PM and a talk by Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa will be given. Feel free to invite your family and friends. Food will be served in a potluck fashion.