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Sunday Jan 1st, 2017 – Tuesday, Jan 3


HEAD SHOT In the Garden #1

Our Beloved Sheikha Maryam visited Ottawa May 5-11 2016 and honored us with her joyful presence, her Love of the One, and her advice on how to travel the Path to Him. Alhamdulilah.


September 24th: Eid al Adha Program

Tuesday, September 8th: Public Talk with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

Wednesday, September 9th: Public Talk with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

Friday, June 12th: Public Talk with Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye


We were blessed to witness the tradition of learned women of Islam embodied by Sheikha Maryam. Spiritual Guide, bridge-builder, peacemaker.

 “Sheikha Maryam is utterly extraordinary. She’s a breakthrough person. A Jew   who converted to Islam…she introduces to the world the true enlightened spiritual center of Islam. She is a bridge between the sanctity of Judaism and Islam, and the bridge to the sanctity of all the world’s great religions. Her story must be heard. Her story and her very Being dispels the myths so many have about Islam. Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye’s story and journey is about love, and healing, and transformation.” Read more about Sheikha Maryam here. 

June 13, June 14: Daytime programs at the beautiful Pine and Birch Ranch (30 min from Ottawa)

The Power of Dua.  For men and women.*

SUNDAY June 14
Transformation in the Light: Women’s Fellowship  

*Children welcome: with parental supervision, children will be able to enjoy the beautiful ranch and activities.   Fee for children ages 4-12: $15; children under 4 free.

 The Roots of Extremism: An open public forum with Michael Sugich

JUNE 1st 6:30pm – Saint Paul University Amphitheatre, 223 Main Street, Ottawa


The event will be an open forum for public discussion with Michael Sugich who has come to mine insights from the audience as well as present his own on the topic of the causes of extremism.

Michael Sugich has had a ringside seat to the resurgence of Islam since the 1970s and the subsequent rise of radical Islam. He left America during the Iranian Hostage Crisis because, as a guide to Islam in the West, he did not want to be an apologist for a fanatical and politicized version of his faith that he did not recognize as authentic. He arrived in Makkah within months of the bloody siege led by Saudi extremists that shook the Saudi regime to its foundations and gripped the Muslim world. He entered the Holy Mosque for the first time when it was bullet-riddled and broken from the violence. He interviewed early Afghan mujahidin leaders, both moderate and extreme, during their jihad against the Soviet invasion.  He came to know young Arab men who left their homes, with their parents blessing, and joined the Afghan jihad only to be swept up in extremism in the aftermath of the War. He watched as oil wealth swept a generation into gross materialism, unwarranted arrogance and forgetfulness. Living in Makkah, he observed at close quarters the impact a narrow and intolerant version of Islam had on the mass psychology of a society.

Since 9/11 Sugich has reflected on the causes of extremism and the countermeasures. In the process he has studied the tidal wave of literature on the subject and has identified a serious gap in understanding. As the world witnesses one atrocity and outrage after another, each one worse than the last, he has undertaken to write a book that presents an alternative perspective based on an understanding of a practical tradition of profound and transformative spirituality that has been overlooked and even repudiated by contemporary scholars and Muslim leaders.

Signs on the Horizons: Meetings with Men of Knowledge and Illumination by Michael Sugich  

A reading by the author

JUNE 2nd 6:30PM – St Brigid’s Centre for the Arts 310 St Patrick St, Ottawa



For over 40 years Michael Sugich has kept company with some of the most revered Muslim saints of the 20th and 21st centuries. Signs on the Horizons is an enthralling contemporary memoir of the author’s interactions with men who have transcended the ordinary and achieved stations of enlightenment that in the modern world we only attribute to the Biblical fathers of ancient times, or to Myth. His book is a unique eyewitness narrative of a spiritual tradition that today hides in plain sight, veiled by the turbulence, fanaticism and materialism gripping the Muslim world and dominating the headlines. It is a spellbinding memorial told with eloquence, empathy, humor, insight and love.

“We have lost the meaning. We are living in an age that overwhelmingly revels in the world, alternating between euphoria and anxiety. We are oblivious to the subtle blessings and hidden realities that permeate existence. The men described [in this book] lived in the realm of meaning. They are signs on the horizons. Bless them all.”

From Signs on the Horizons

Michael Sugich is an American writer who converted to Islam in 1972 and lived for 23 years in the sacred precincts of Makkah Al-Mukaramah. He has travelled throughout the Muslim world in search of knowledge and has introduced many westerners to Islam, including Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. He currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. His Muslim name is Haroon.

The Path of the Seeker

JUNE 3rd 6:30pm – The Rawdah Institute 1360 Marchand Street, Ottawa

The path of the seeker: an informal conversation with Michael Sugich on the art of being in the world but not of it, and how to recognize and engage with the people of true knowledge of God.


Letters to the Beloved ﷺ
Old love letter

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Click here to see the winners and their entries.


* * *

We are pleased to present the Letters to the Beloved ﷺ Writing Competition. Take this opportunity to put into words your innermost feelings for the Messenger of God ﷺ. Strengthen your tie. Share your love with the world.

As Muslims, let’s get past reacting to others, and get into our own blossoming of authentic feelings, emotions, and responses to the Messenger ﷺ. Let’s not let it be that our feelings only come out when provoked by negative attitudes of others. Love should be there even when there is no need to defend.

This is your chance to go deep and consider who the Prophet ﷺ is and what he ﷺ means to you. If you met him ﷺ or had the chance to talk to him ﷺ, we hope you wouldn’t waste a minute talking about other people and their negativity, but would take all the time you had for the outpouring of your admiration and respect and adoration of him ﷺ and do your best to connect yourself further to him ﷺ.

That’s what this contest is about. Your chance to speak your heart.   Please spread the word!

Guidelines for Entry

SAMPLE LETTERS to inspire you!:

Letter 1    Letter 2   Letter 3   Seperation   A 5-yr-old’s Letter   Letter 6