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Sanad Collective Letter about Eid Prayers at the Rhoda by Bassem Elghawaby - Sanad Collective

Letter about Eid Prayers at the Rhoda by Bassem Elghawaby

Eid Mubarak to my family, friends, and all of humanity!
I was happy to attend Eid Prayers at a welcoming and loving place in our community, in the garden of the Rhoda Masjid, and then shared a soulful breakfast with family and friends at the adjoining Lotus Cafe. Find out more about this gem of a community organization here: https://www.facebook.com/sanadcollective/?fref=ts
Below is a piece I wrote some weeks ago reflecting on another spiritual gathering I attended at the Masjid, and I thought it was relevant to share on this day of joy and celebration!
Yesterday, my heart awoke for a few sweet moments and yearned to speak…
It remembered its purpose and the promise of its peak
It wished to testify to something greater than what can be physically seen
It burned with longing for a state it knew could not remain constant in this earthly domain
For it needs to know absence here, to taste true presence here, it needs the yearning of return
To appreciate coming home, if only in turns, like the changing of the guard, back from the battles with the nafs and devilish forces within and without
My heart is grateful for this oasis in the desert that is no mirage
Where its spiritual vessels can rejuvenate if He, the Most High, so Allows
If I could be considered part of the infantry of His Majesty
Then ‘gold star’ generals of earthly wars can have all their spoils,
I’ll take His Smile over it all
The wealth and treasures of this world are no more than sandcastles built on the shore
Awaiting the inevitable tide that crumbles them and leads the grateful ones right to His Door
As I reflected on the lessons being taught heart to heart by our dear teacher
About the beauty of such gatherings and their powerful nature
I became happy to realize, that my fluctuating faith had helpers fortifying its mistakes during this ‘hour’
Of collective hymns drawn and poured into cups celebrating Allah’s Remembrance and Love
And His Prophet (saws), blessings and peace be upon his name
Illuminated the way for those with open hearts and minds to follow and to their capacity emulate
Glad tidings, from the best of creation, what more is needed to think well of Your Creator?
May Allah make us consistent in these gatherings of remembrance and even if we tarry sometimes, let their heavenly rations carry us forward until we return