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Sanad Collective No peace no justice (Part 4) - Sanad Collective

No peace no justice (Part 4)


Feeling objection to oppression, indignation at injustice and repulsion for wrongdoing (feelings referred to as ‘ghadhab’ in the Prophetic Teachings and often wrongly translated as ‘anger’), is a power from God. It is a fire.

If this fire comes and you do not invest it properly, it will burn you. To invest it, you must control it and put it in its rightful place. You gather it, protecting its flame, and carefully set it in its niche. There it will become light, spreading its warm glow, dissipating the darkness. That flame of yours, that power given to you by God, will be the light inside a lantern: a source of energy and illumination for you and for others.

But if you do not control this power called ghadab, it will turn into anger. Its flame will leap out at you and at others, turning all it touches black and sooty. Outside of its proper place, this fire will damage the lantern, taking away the possibility of light and guidance. As it grows out of control, this fire will burn you and in the end it will turn you into cold, grey, and cheerless ashes. With the slightest breeze you will be scattered far and wide. You will lose your integrity (double meaning intended).

“The best of you are those who are slow to anger and swift to calm down…Beware of anger, for it is a live coal in the heart of the descendants of Adam.”  – Muhammad, Apostle of God.