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Sanad Collective Reflections on the First Jummah at the Rhoda - Sanad Collective

Reflections on the First Jummah at the Rhoda

My words feel tired, redundant and forced

For I am but an observer full of remorse

That I am not yet living up to the esteem Allah has created each soul to hold

I saw a slave shedding tears more beautiful than autumn leaves and wished I could feel that close to my Master’s Door

And then I was reminded there are different stations all of us can strive for

Perhaps a vessel carrying water, or a wheelbarrow pouring fertile soil

Perhaps a scent of spiritual musk can latch onto more than my clothes

There was an unmistakable serenity that the Lord blessed the congregation to inaugurate the Friday prayers new home

I swore I was just there a few days ago, but the place was radiant and now shone more

When was the last time I had spent a little extra of my so called precious time after the Jummah was over

To join a chorus of praises for the Prophet (saws), in the hopes that he would be pleased one day to meet me along with His Lord

I know I have my faults, foremost being focused on ‘I’, I know that nice phrases cannot mask my true nafs, but perhaps they can remind me to at least be nafs al lawama until the Most High helps me to be inclined to good whole

Loving Allah and His Messenger must be a verb that pumps from our hearts and reverberates in our bones

May Allah protect us from having hearts of stone, or harder than that, for from some stones gush forth water out of khashya from their Lord

May each day be like a small Eid at the Rhoda where the gatherers are always more than routine in their devotion and dedication to service to the community and humanity as a whole


Submitted by Brother Bassem Elghawaby