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Sanad Collective The Rhoda Institute Schedule - Sanad Collective

 Worship at the Rhoda

Prayer (Iqama) Times

 Fajr                           5:15 am

Dhuhr                       1:30 pm

‘Asr                           5:00 pm

 Maghreb                   8:05 pm

   ‘Isha                           9:40 pm


Friday Prayer Timings:

Sermon: 1:10 pm

Iqama: 1:40 pm


Saturday Night Community Gathering




It is a highly recommended practice of the Prophet and his Companions–a practice upheld by Muslim scholars and communities throughout history–to gather to remember and celebrate Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.

The Prophet himself had designated poets who sang songs in praise of Allah and His Messengerﷺ in the Prophet’s Mosque. We gather, as individuals and families, to uphold this beautiful–and often sadly neglected sunna–every Saturday night.

We recite from Habib Umar bin Hafidh’s great poetic summary of the life and character of our Beloved Prophet, The Shimmering Light (al-Diya’ al-Lami`).

Each gathering includes inspiring teachings on how to increase in love and connection with Allah and His Messenger.

This weekly gathering is ideal–for individuals and families–for both spiritual upliftment and for gathering with other believers who love Allah and His Beloved Messenger .  This is an important way that generations of Muslims have passed down the faith to their children. This is one of the intentions of this gathering at the Rhoda Institute here in Ottawa. Ameen!


This gathering consists of three main portions: 1) the recitation of major events in the life story of the Prophet (peace be upon him) 2) a lesson on how to be better seekers of God 3) a community (potluck) dinner.

A note on children:  Children who are able to sit still and quietly are able to attend this gathering, and should be prepared prior to attending: giving them a bath and dressing them in formal clothing helps them get into the right mindset for going to a place of worship where reverence and ceremony are key. Formal preparation assists children to choose to display the kind of behaviour that is appropriate. It is also a way to instil in our children the Sunnah habits!

It is a good idea to teach your children to recite parts of the poem – at least the Salawat – the words “Sal Allahu alayh” – that are recited after every line. Everyone should be encouraged to say this Salawat. It’s also a good idea to teach your children some of the songs that are sung, so that they can sing along. Children who have prepared a song are welcome to sing it up at the front.

The potluck provides an opportunity for your children to practice the manners of eating in community: serving others first, helping to set out food and clean it up, and so on.